Kaitlyn Rebecca Swicegood


I was born in 1987 in Knoxville, Tennessee to Butch and Susan Swicegood who are two of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet. They are my biggest fans, and for that I’ll forever be grateful.

Most of my family would tell you I started life as a performer. My mom was in labor for approximately 13 hours (lucky number right?), and I came out grey (like a statue, dad says), and not breathing. I scared the poop out of everyone! After being rushed to an incubator, I turned out just fine (relatively). I went on to sing, dance, and act anywhere I could; whether it was at family holidays or in the middle of my neighbors’ family dinner.

I guess the performing led somewhat naturally to law school. I was ready to put on a show in the court room–I mean who doesn’t love a juicy episode of Law and Order…(I’m kidding real life is nothing like Law and Order…but seriously). For a kid who vehemently hated school and it was an actual physical pain to get me out of the door in the morning, it’s pretty amazing I went to extra school. I did though, and I liked it: I did pretty well I might add. I graduated Magna Cum Laude at the top of my class, and tucked a few extra friends under my belt to boast (not to mention my sweet husband Tommy).

So, why are you reading this blog titled Swicegood Yoga? Well, life doesn’t always turn out like we plan. SHOCKER!!!!  Sorry to ruin that one for you.  I had plans to save the world, make big changes, and save lives with my law degree.  Instead, I get called an ambulance chaser….a lot, and I feel like I watch people mess up their lives faster than I can fix them (which no one can do by the way). I’m not saying being a lawyer is bad or un-fulfilling in general. I admire a lot of people in my profession.

I found yoga my last year of law school and it saved my life. At first it was just a way to work out because, lets be real, what does a gym even look like? And running? Not unless there’s a bear, serial killer, or GOD FORBID an ALIEN chasing me (note: I have an abnormal fear of aliens). Then I realized yoga was doing something for that killer anxiety I had. Oh, and yoga was something I could do alone, and just for me.

Two years later I sucked it up, got my first credit card (thanks for the push Tommy), and sent in my application for teacher training. Bam. Life changed. Still changing.

Sharing is powerful, and I want to keep sharing. Perhaps one sliver of what I say resonates with you, or at the least I get my thoughts out somewhere.

“You are what you’ve been waiting for”…So get out and find it!



Graduation from Charleston School of Law May 2013
Graduation from Charleston School of Law May 2013
Baby Kaitlyn at the Beach
Baby Kaitlyn at the Beach
Finally a Yoga Teacher!
Finally a Yoga Teacher!

8 thoughts on “Kaitlyn Rebecca Swicegood

  1. I’m so proud of you! Your accomplishments are amazing. Your determination and self discipline are unbelievable. Most of all I love your kindness, thoughtfulness, and your beautiful voice. I know you have made a lot of sacrifices to get to this point in your journey. You are brave, truthful, and share things you learn with others. I wouldn’t change a thing.


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